Didn’t take long for sanity to prevail.

Oh Kallis is captaining.

Didn’t take long for South Africa to completely lose the fucken plot.

Indulge me for a moment please.

Smith was captain; Mitch did him in.

Boucher took over in the field; has since been overlooked twice.

Ashwell Mittens Prince got the gig; but apparently opening the batting was too much for him.

And now Jacques Kallis is captain.

That is some major fucken freak out.

Boucher must be confused, good enough to captain days ago, since then two others have been promoted.

Johan Botha probably even got a call.

Surely we aren’t back on the wicket keepers can’t captain nonsense.

I can’t imagine there are too many people who believe Jacques Kallis would be a better captain than Mark Boucher.

Are there?

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