I am angry

December 21, 2021

Fucken livid that that my game has come to this.

Pissed off that someone is dead protecting a sport I play.

That people from a lunatic fringe have wounded my sport.

Pissed off that the people of Pakistan have to live like this.

Angry at cunts that gloat in the face of tragedy.

Filty at the mother fucking assholes that forget they live in glasshouses.

The I told you so’ers lining to tell everyone that they are right and everyone else is a dickhead can fuck right off.

Fuck the people who try and score points in this madness.

The cunts who put 40 year old rifles in the police officers hands.

Fuck the hate.

Fuck me for being right.

Fuck me for being wrong.

Everyone who thought of the affect this had on cricket before they thought of the lives lost should go get fucked.

Anyone who thought of the poor Lankan cricketers before the dead Pakistani police officers should be fucken ashamed of themselves.

Fuck religion, and all the hate it brings out in people, no one has killed in the name of cricket, and it is our game, our life, our hope, our dreams, our entertainment, our spirituality, our religion.

Fuck the terrorists.

Fuck them hard, fuck them for taking something pure and good, and turning it to shit. Fuck them for thinking this will help them. Fuck them for thinking they are right and justified. Fuck them for doing this and still not making a difference. Fuck them for killing. Fuck them for maiming. Fuck them for ruining Pakistan. Fuck them hard.

Jrod, can go and get fucked too.

You get emotionally involved when something affects you, you little weasel cunt.

Fuck yourself for putting this game on a pedestal.

You and your sadness can go and get fucked.


just fuck