December 21, 2021

People have died protecting our heroes.

Cricketers have been injured playing our game.

It’s all sorts of fucked up.

But good things could be coming from this.

The limbo that Pakistan has been in, essentially since ’98, can finally be ended.

If they choose to play home games in England or somewhere else, they can build themselves up again.

Cricket can win from this horrlbe fucked up situation.

I for one am not ready to lose Pakistan.

And if they settle on a home outside of Pakistan, maybe they can be put back into the loop, become a real test playing nationa again.

Build up their team, start winning matches, and fill the all important whole they have left since they started fading out.

Cricket now has blood on its hands, and it owes it to the people who lost their lives in protecting the game.

Pakistan must continue to play cricket, they were born to play this game, and cricket will be poorer wihtout them.

If they have to play im bumfuch idaho or geelong, they should do it.