December 21, 2021

I was up late last night writing about cricket tactics for TWC.

I was immersed in the article.

There was at least 15 drafts, and i hated everyone of them.

During that time I didn’t realise that a little piece of cricket was dying.

I was so wrapped up in my shit I didn’t even check the cricket sites.

While I was working Sri Lanka players were attacked by terrorists.

Our brother Pakistan may never recover from this.

A terrorist attack on players was the worst possible thing that could happen to cricket.

It was the nightmare scenario, crickets real loss of innocence.

We know our sport is in the firing line more than most others, but now it has been fired on.

It didn’t matter if the players were wounded or not, Samaraweera received a bullet in the thigh, all that mattered is that touring players are no longer safe in Pakistan.

And cricket cannot be played there.

Imran Khan said that terrorists would not attack cricketers as they would lose the support of the people, i said it only takes one terrorist stupid enough to forget that and cricketers will be attacked.

I have never wished I was wrong more.

I fucken love Pakistan, and one of my dreams was to travel there and cover a Pakistani series.

My dream is now lodged in Samaraweera’s thigh.

Pakistan can play on as a nomad team, but they will fade away doing this, they are a passionate team, and cannot survive a wandering life.

King Kumar, ever the eloquent man, had this to say “I don’t regret coming here to play cricket because that’s what we have been doing all our lives. That is our profession.”

I love the sentiment, but the ICC can’t afford to let a tour happen there again.

Not for a very long time.

Our brother is ill, and may never recover