Previously at somewhere in antigua

December 22, 2021


Found a pitch with a huge ridge in it perfect for their tall fast bowlers, and got most of their wickets from their spinner.

West Indies

A bunch of fucktards. How many wickets can from the pitch, none, how many wickets came from top class bowling, 3, maybe?

How many wickets came from badly thought out attacking shots, or limp wristed defence, fucken hell.

Can England lose

If Chris Gayle really gets… Ofcourse not.

It might rain, but, that is the only thing that will stop them from winning.

Play of the day

Harmy’s dry reach.

He is great isn’t he. He was so not interested all of yesterday, and when he got to the back of his mark, and almost heaved up his breakfast.

Which under ICC regulation 543b, means the ground is yucky.

His big brother had a go at winning the award when he got nash out and then picked his nose.

Testicular moment of the day

It was a weird selection to bring Swann into the team after a ten ball test, but Swann stood tall. Even when Sarwan started slamming him around, he looked calm, and he kept flighting the ball. Should have had 6 wickets.

Working class moment

Freddie was injured, tired, not interested, but he still turned up and took 3 wickets.