Is it a crime to shoot Daryl Harper?

December 21, 2021

As bad as the game went for England, they could have lost by more.

Just as Darren Powell and Fidel Edwards were about to put on a hundred run partnership, Powell was given out caught behind playing a hook shot.

It looked dodgy as hell, and Powell was asking for a referral before the umpire was finished raising his finger.

The video footage showed bat, fresh air, and ball.

He looked about an inch from the ball.

The decision was obviously going to be overturned.

Except, it wasn’t.

Daryl Harper had decided that daylight between bat and ball didn’t constitute an obvious mistake on behalf of an umpire giving a caught behind decision.


Homer has the cricinfo commentary up, Michael Holding seemed do doubt his own eyes, and Bob Willis had some nice words for Daryl.

“He’s got to be given his pension book and [taken] out of there. He is hopeless.”

Anyone can make a mistake on the field, but it takes a special kind of assclown to do so off the field watching a video.