Sucks to be Geeves

December 21, 2021

Imagine how bad it would be to make 99 not out.

I had a friend who did so at 15, as far as I know he never when on to make a hundred.

He can wax lyrically about the “leg bye” off the last ball that believes went three quarters of the way to the backward square leg boundary.

Well Brett Geeves has a way better story than that.

Twice in one season he has been left on 99 not out for Tasmania, and both times by the same batsman.

Tim MacDonald is this useless number 11’s name.

And this is what Geeves said in his “blog” about the first issue.

Can I start this blog by apologising for Tim MacDonald’s woeful display of playing short pitch bowling? Yes I’m angry. 99 no and the number eleven gloves a short ball from a guy who is into his 50th over of the match. Clinton McKay won’t mind me saying he wasn’t bowling his quickest. Sore groins, ankles barking at him saying “why don’t we ever get any tucan pie?”. DUCK THE BALL TIM!! Instead, Tim plays the ball as if someone had inserted a stick of dynamite up his “Speedy Claxton” (bottom), jumping high into the air and letting out a little squeal, ballooning the ball to first slip. I’m left stuck on 99. One run short of my maiden first class century. One run – One (multiple expletives) run. The words I’m thinking of rhyme with Clucking Bell.

Brett Geeves is only 26 years old, but right now he would be excused for thinking he will never make a first class hundred, and also for thinking that having a trophy made of Tim MacDonald’s balls.

We can only hope he blogs about this betrayal as well.

And that he says clucking bell.