December 21, 2021

The English public seem to think the Darren Pattinson selection was the end of the world.

But judging from what little press I’ve seen, no one seems angry at the exclusion of their best batsmen for a man who couldn’t find form in a place that lets you acquire it at basement bargain prices.

Stuart Broad, out, Paul Collingwood, in.

Broad, who seems to have given up bowling, was on his way to being the worlds best number 8.

Number 8 specialist batsman are hard to come by, but Broad thought that by outscoring, and generally out playing all your team mates this would make him an automatic inclusion.

The selectors decided that they would opt for a bowler at 8.

None of this explains the Collingwood situation.

Collingwood’s bowling form is 12 times greater than that of his batting, as I almost saw him get a wicket recently.

He looks like a shadow of a ghost of a dream of a figment of some autistics kids’ imagination right now.

But he is back.

Broad is being compared to Sobers off the back foot, sure it was from Boycott, but who is Collingwood being compared to, Quasimodo?

Collingwood is a fighter, which is lucky, because if you have as much talent as him, and you can’t fight do you know what you become, unemployed.

Broad will be back though, as there is one thing that seems obvious with the current English selectors, they all enjoy LSD, and they will keep going with people they think are grand.

See Collingwood and Freddie for examples.

Form is temporary, selectorial incompetence is permanent.… We constantly get sodomized down the legside