The baby tiger

December 18, 2021

I like to make rash calls.

Mohammad Ashraful is going to become the new Aravinda de Silva.

It’s hard on Ashraful to be compared with some one we all have watched for the best part of 20 years. But it’s the situation he finds himself in that reminds me of what Aravinda went through.

Aravinda was born into a team that played its first test a year before he started, a country that was cricket mad, based in the sub continent. He was the team’s number one batsmen, even before he was ready to be so. He was a leader at a young age. A lot was expected of him. He even had to learn how to bowl. He’s a short ass.

Fast-forward 18 years, stay on the same continent but leave the island of Sri Lanka and head to the main land for Bangladesh. There we have Ashraful, who started playing for the tigers in 2001, the tigers started in 2000. He has been dropped a few times, because so much is expected of him. A few months ago he was named captain at the age of 23. Oh and he bowls, leg spin (first major difference). He is also a short ass.

Over the next few years, if Bangladesh are ever to become real players in the cricket world, and I’d like to think they are, another side who can beat South Africa is always nice, they need Ashraful to stand up and become their Aravinda.

There is even more proof that Ashraful is ready to step up and carry his team, he recently made 263 in first class cricket in Bangladesh. Now I’m sure I could make 80 in Bangladesh cricket, hell Jason Gillespie made 200. What is important is the fact he is already learning how to make big scores. Making big scores anywhere means concentration and discipline the two qualities that had been missing in him.

The dude is on his way. I think by the end of his test career, a career where I think he could play over 200 tests, he will average close to if not over 50 in tests.

Regardless, in modern cricket sides win respect in World Cups. Every one is watching, it can be gained over night and it’s easier than a test series. So I’m saying pencil in the next world cup for Ashraful de Silva. The new little champ.… We constantly get sodomized down the legside